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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Random Conversation with a Todller

Kellan: Scared!

Me: Of what? 

K: Swiper gets all my puzzles

Me: I won't let him..

K: Swiper LIKES markers

Me: ?? He does?

K: I LIKES markers

Me: (I see where you are going with this) You and Swiper are not allowed to have markers

K: Swiper eats markers

Me: LOL No I don't think he does.

K: Swiper eats crackers! 

Me:Maybe... But I think YOU should eat your crackers

K: Dora gets blueberries! (His favourite episode)

Me: Dora has to go to Blueberry Hill to find blueberries.

K: Oh no! Swiper's fox hole on blueberry hill.

Me: Haha, yes it is

K: Swiper will get my puzzles!!

Me: Why don't we clean up your puzzles and put them away then?

K: Yes! Clean up puzzles!

I'm not really sure what started this conversation, or even really what it was about, BUT he did clean up his puzzles which were all over the living room.  :)

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