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Thursday, October 4, 2012

100th Post!

I thought I would celebrate this occasion with 100 things!

 1. My kids love nanaimo bars! Or at least the chocolate topping and custard filling. Seriously. Also recipe from here. First time making them from scratch. Was delicious!

 2. First ever photo shoot went fairly well I think :) 

 3. I entered a photo of Strider in a Viewbug photo contest! Vote here until Oct 12th! You can vote using Viewbug, Facebug or Twitter. 

 4. I have been reading Youko X Boku SS on Manga Fox.... Impatiently waiting for translation for Chapter 21 :( 

 5. I LOVE Debito from Arcana FamigliaThis scene specifically..  <- Yes, he is an anime character. From a shoujo anime. Based on an Otome visual novel game for PSP. Almost love him as much as Vegeta from DBZ

 6.  I downloaded an emulator to play Arcana Famiglia: La Storia della Arcana Famiglia. Even though it's only in Japanese. I can't even read Japanese. But I played it anyway. Debito is soooooooo awesome...  Love his voice :)

 7. Must learn Japanese!!

 8. Gasp! NEW Dragonball Z movie!! CAN NOT WAIT FOR MARCH 2013!!

 9.  The kids and I (well... mostly me) have been enjoying the different kinds of mushrooms. There has been thousands this year! So many different shapes and textures. Fantastic! Love mushrooms :)

 10.  This book is so good! Some ideas/theories are a bit crazy, even to me, but the maps and facts are really cool! I'm a map fanatic.... Also, I kinda like conspiracies and new age archaeology. I don't always agree, but it's fun to read.

 11. I don't think I'll ever have enough vintage cameras. I LOVE them :) You can check out my ever growing collection here 

 12. My 10 fav movies (trilogies and series are listed as one): ArmageddonSuper TroopersCowboy BebopAkiraVampire Hunter D: BloodlustLOTR trilogy, Harry Potter series, Howl's Moving Castle and Napolean Dynamite..Oh, and one more FF: Advent Children! Not always in that order.. Containing a list to 10 is kinda hard. I watch a lot of movies. But, these are usually the movies I want to watch over and over again.. 

 13. I neeed music suggestions! My playlist is soo overplayed. I like a bit of everything so feel free to suggest anything!

 14. I haven't participated in a couple months but these photo challenges by fatmumslim are really fun! I will definitely do more in the future. I highly recommend :)

 15. By the way... My sister and I are doing our own 52 week photo challenge on flickr. ← Mine is WAAAAAYY cooler than hers. Just sayin LOL OK.. I'm kidding :)

 16. I deleted this post by accident. I almost had a heat attack... lol Thankfully I just googled a solution! And here it is again! But I have no idea what was supposed to be here at #16... The cached copy was blank.... 

 17. Wikipedia = AWESOME! I use it every day. Not even lying. Sometimes for actual research... sometimes for fun.. 

 18. Can NOT get enough Greek Salad! Especially the feta cheese... MMMMMmmmm feta! :)

 19. I always have a camera with me. At all times.. Either my Nikon, my Olympus Trip (35 mm film) or my cell. I feel at peace just knowing a camera is close by. Even if I don't use it.

 20. Is anyone else super sad Dante got a makeover in the new DMC game? Or maybe that's just me. Gah! 

 21. I ♥ the crap out of FFX!! I have finished it twice already. But in its 11 yrs of life(?) never 100%.. But this time.. I found all 26 Al Bhed primers!! Heck yes! 

 22. Don't tell Dan... But I am sooooo excited for Halo 4! I can not wait to play :)

 23. I want this giant Totoro plush so bad!

 24. People watching me type or write weirds me out.  I'm not embarrassed with what I've typed/written. I dunno, something about being watched makes me feel nervous. 

 25. COFFEE = <3

 26. I think friends and family are going to have to send us pictures of ourselves, cause Dan and I do not have any recent pictures of the two of us. Or many with me in them at all. 

 27. My top 10 video games: Final Fantasy X (PS2), Dragon Quest series (umm, most consoles except xbox), Legend of Dragoon (PS and also, the PSN), Ultima: Exodus, Ultima 7-2: Serpent's Isle (Silver Seed), Dune, Warcraft 2, Heroes of Might and Magic 2, LoZ: A Link to the Past and Super Mario Bro's 3

 28. I love Shutterfly photo books :) I have had a couple printed from them and they turned out pretty great!

 29. I could sometimes read all day :) I usually read non-fiction but I do like some fiction. I do like  the Harry Potter books, most Stephen King novels (except It - HATE clowns, Cell - haven't read it although I do own it, and I haven't read any of the newer stuff), and TONS of manga. Always up for new book suggestions though. 

       *Note: I'll never read 50 Shades of Grey - no matter how many people recommend it*

 30. I usually enjoy watching people play video games just as much as playing them. But watching someone play a sports game (Madden, Nhl, Fifa, etc..), or CoD, makes me want to pull out my hair! But I dislike playing them myself, so maybe that's why they irritate me to watch.

 40. Speaking of hair.. I love my hair. Even if Dan hated my hair, I still wouldn't cut it short again... EVER.  

 41. I am pretty sure I drank about 100 iced coffees this summer. No lie.

 42. Lightroom presets are freaking awesome! I'm kinda addicted.. To both Lightroom 4 and the presets.      :)

 43. BEST Song/Video EVER!!! Watch it! So funny! Best part = 1:55 

 44  I have about 10 crafting projects on the go right now. I meant to post about them. And I will! But THIS post took me forever.. haha 

 45  On the plus side, in the process of writing this post, I gave my blog a makeover!  I still have some minor finishing touches and my blog will be completely revamped! :)

 46. I have also been working on a website, but it's not even close to being ready. I will post again when it's finished.

 47. Colouring in our house needs to be a completely supervised activity. There are too many drawings on the walls and floor and not enough on the paper. LOL

 48. I lost my bucket of buttons somewhere in the house!!! Gah! I'm sooo sad :( How one loses a clear plastic bin FULL of buttons, I'll never know... 

 50. The kids went swimming with their Grandma last Sunday. First time Dan and I have ever been alone in this house, EVER! We've both spent time here without the kids, but never together, because one of us always has one/both of the kids. So to celebrate, we played Super Mario Bros 3 together!  Well, Dan played, but I supervised and did some of the mushroom houses!  

 51. My kids have a strange obsession with the vaccuum. They'll be totally zoned out playing or watching tv or reading, but as soon as I turn the vaccuum on, there they are! Doesn't matter where in the house they are either. They just appear out of nowhere. Screaming and pretending the vaccuum is going to get them. And generally just getting in the way. Every time.

           *Note - I COULD just vaccuum when they are not home, yes, but I find it kinda amusing. 

 52. Garrett's chore board/prize box system was the best idea I have ever had. EVER (I'll write a post about it later)

 53. My favourite bands are Tool and System Of A Down.

 54. Because I get bored easily, I usually sing-talk what I'm doing. It might be hereditary - my mom and sister both do it too. Well, mostly Jackie.. LOL

 55. I need a sandwich break...

 56. My cell phone battery is ALWAYS dead! Yea, maybe it's because I always forget to plug it in, and maybe because I use it all the time for Google, and reading blogs, and listening to music. 

 57. I wish my cookies looked like these! She is my favorite cookie blogger! All her cookies are fantastic :)

 58. I don't watch a lot of TV - mostly anime on Crunchyroll but my fav (live action - both current and ended) TV shows are: Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, New Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Charmed. 

 59. I prefer to watch TV series that have ended rather than keeping up with ongoing series. Who wants to wait a week for a new episode? Or, 6 months for a new season? Not this girl!

 60. My fav anime series: Another, Inu X Boku SS, Naruto: Shippuuden, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Blue Exorcist, Inuyasha, Dragonball Z, Devil May Cry, Ano Natsu de Matteru (Waiting in the Summer), uhhh Arcana Famiglia, Vampire Princess Miyu, Claymore, Full Metal Alchemist, Gosick, Blood+, Berserk, Trinty Blood, 07-Ghost, Vampire Knight, Demon King Daimao, Hiiro No Kakera...ok well, this is getting out of control.. This list could go on forever BUT I'll stop there.. for now..

 61. I keep MyAnimeList kinda up to date... LOL

 62. This is my favourite anime theme song. Ever :)

 63. I wish I had the opportunity to learn another language when I was little.. (The small amount of French you learn in school doesn't count) Watching Kellan learn and speak German is freaking adorable. It's just too bad Dan's German is so limited and we only see Oma a few times a month. 

 64. I really need to replace my stock lens (18-55mm) that broke a while back. I didn't really think I would miss it, but I'm surprised at how many times I wish I had it. It would only cost me 90$ to replace it, but with Christmas coming it'll have to wait a little longer.

 65. Although replacing my stock lens is more important, I am definitely saving up my dollars for this (whoops! forgot the link) baby though! 

 66. I love photography. I mean, I am SUPER in love! I feel so relaxed and happy taking a photo. MACRO is my favorite! I can feel great about taking pictures of anything... Although I have a love/hate relationship with people photography. CANDIDS I love... Portrait/Lifestyle not so much. I feel like maybe if I had more practice and time spent doing it,  then I may enjoy it more.. Maybe..

 67. Chemistry cat is absolutely my favourite meme!! Although I really like the Ancient Aliens one too!

 68. Ok, so I'm a crazy list maker. I have to write out a list before I can do almost anything. It's kind of an obsession. I almost wrote this list out on paper before writing it here.

 69. I have a few pet peeves.. ok.. well a lot of pet peeves! The worst is clothes hanging in the closet the wrong way... I have no idea why.

 70. I want a SNES. I miss having one.

 71. I love getting stuff in the mail. Letters, samples, parcels, etc! I love snail mail. :)

 72. Just started putting pictures and decor on the walls in this house. So much better than bare walls!

 73. I am sooooo in love with Magnum double caramel ice cream bars! They are sooo good! Except I usually eat off all the caramel and chocolate and give Dan the vanilla ice cream inside. :)

 74. Garrett's school pictures this year are really cute! They took them in the park :)

 75. Oh.. I play too many Facebook games :(

 76. I am so fascinated with Japanese culture! (Well, actually most Asian cultures) As if you couldn't tell! LOL.. Japan is so beautiful! :) One day I will see if for myself! 

 77. Greece, Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, Italy, Germany, China, South Korea, Cambodia and Thailand are also places I would love to visit :) 

 78. You can never own too much chapstick or lip gloss. But my favourites are EOS and Aquafina

 79. A buffalo chicken taquito for 7/11 would be soooooooooo good right now! Mmmmm...

 80. Favourite foods: taquitos!, steak(Rare, please!), greek salad, watermelon, hot wings, Burger King Tendergrill, Thai Chicken Bites from Boston PizzaPollo El Fuego pizza, and roti filled with chickpeas and potatoes! Yummmm

 81. I don't drink a lot but I love white wine!! Especially this one!

 82. Autumn is really pretty... but I'm really going to miss jumping barefoot in rain puddles (and not freezing my feet off)

 83. Kinect Fruit Ninja is sooooo fun to play!! And funny to take pictures of people playing! :)

 84. This song has been stuck in my head for three days! But I don't mind so much... It's a pretty great song :)

 85. I wish my laptop screen was fixed already :(

 86. Kellan loves building Lego towers! Ummm... yea.. So do I! :p

 87. I miss my niece and nephew SO much! 

 88. I wish I was allowed to do Garrett's math homework for him! :) Grade four math is sooo much fun!

 89. I'm soo glad Garrett suggested we have a family game night once a week! Board games are great! 

 90. Scrabble is probably my favourite board game of ALL time. Or maybe Clue.

 91. Russell, Garrett and I have had an unfinished game of Monopoly going on for weeeks now.. I doubt we will ever get back to it.. It's going to haunt me forever :(

 92. My kids eat a heck load of peanut butter! 

 93. Ryan Gosling is soooo gorgeous <3 I wish I could find Breaker High on DVD

 94. Learning Kanji might be the most frustrating thing EVER! Ack! Why doesn't it make any sense?

 95. I freaking love birds of prey! Owls are soo pretty! Even Vultures are kinda cute.. My Gramma had a book on birds that I absolutely loved as a kid!! I need to buy that book! 

 96. Cats are, by far, my favorite animals EVER though.  :)

 97. Gah! Kellan needs to start using the potty! I'm done with diapers/pull ups 

 98. My babies are getting soo big! :( It's bittersweet 

 99. Sometimes Dan knows exactly what I'm going to say. I'm constantly surprised at how well he understands me... *CLICHE ALERT* He completes me <3

 100. He's got a crocodilie

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