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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

some scrapbooking finds

I'm always looking for scrapbooking materials to use. This way I can get ideas for the scrapbooks as I go. I'm not always spontaneously creative. Sometimes I need a few days with something and sometimes just finding a really great paper or sticker set or even craft punch can  inspire me. 

I'm sure Dan thinks I'm crazy sometimes, for example I walked out of Michaels the other day with 90$ worth of stuff. 

I think I may have been over ambititious trying to start 2 scrapbooks at the same time. So since Kellan is still little, I think I'll just work on Garrett's for the time being. One is time consuming enough lol

Friday, September 10, 2010

a long overdue project

I started making Garrett these flashcards when he was 3. He's now 7 and I still have not finished. Procrastination and I are good friends. Some letters are really difficult to find words for. I had a theme when I started - animals - but then i added food.. But there is not animal or food that I could draw for X, so I added musical instruments too.

These are some drawings that haven't made it to foam yet. I still have to work out some kinks. And buy a new utility knife. Also, maybe some new glue. Pieces keep falling off... lol

Dan thinks my vulture is too mean-looking but I think he is AWESOME!

I've probably finished only 14. Hopefully I'll finish them by the time Kellan can use them at least.

first post on my first blog

Ok, so I'm not very creative and I don't know the first thing about blogging. But I like ranting and hearing myself talk (or reading my own posts in this case). So I'll briefly introduce my loves

My oldest boy is the strangest 7 yr old I've ever met. But Garrett IS so creative and is SUPER funny. He's my inspiration for starting a blog! He loves his little brother. Sometimes amazes me with how he shows Kellan just how much he does. 

This is the day we brought Kellan home from the hospital.