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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 1 : Post a picture of myself with 10 facts

Fact #1:  I do not tan in the summer; I freckle (which is BOLOGNA, I tell you) *see above*

#2: Right now, I am watching Fox and the Hound with my babies! Loooove this movie!

#3: My fish tank has never had fish in it

#4: I like kids and cats(and other animals) waaaayyy more than most adults

#5: Anime is AWESOME!!

#6: I have 2 babies (G is 7 and K is (almost)5 months) and I am looking forward to more in the future!! Yayy, right Dan?

#7: I could bake allll day long

#8: Pretty sure I have spent way too much money on my kids this Christmas, but I'm not quite done yet.. Just stocking stuffers and such to do now..

#9: I wish I had hot wings RIGHT meow

And finally...... 

#10: I think my great idea of starting a blog was a little over-ambitious.. I haven't had time or will-power to post in a couple months

LOL See you tomorrow!!

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