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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

some scrapbooking finds

I'm always looking for scrapbooking materials to use. This way I can get ideas for the scrapbooks as I go. I'm not always spontaneously creative. Sometimes I need a few days with something and sometimes just finding a really great paper or sticker set or even craft punch can  inspire me. 

I'm sure Dan thinks I'm crazy sometimes, for example I walked out of Michaels the other day with 90$ worth of stuff. 

I think I may have been over ambititious trying to start 2 scrapbooks at the same time. So since Kellan is still little, I think I'll just work on Garrett's for the time being. One is time consuming enough lol

I took a few pictures of some of my "treasures". I'm especially in love with the cupcake ribbon. 

Now all I need is to find time to scrapbook haha
Halloween paper from Dollarama
Paper from Walmart
Rub-on transfers
Ribbon Tape
Animal Cardstock Paper from Michaels


  1. What albums do you have?
    I'll go thru my papers and stuff, will send you some....are you still at the same address? You said at one time you were moving.

  2. I have a blue baby album for Kellan and a zoo animal album for Garrett. I could send you pictures if you wanted. And that would be awesome, thanks! For now we are still here. We're still looking for a place, but will have to hold off for a while.