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Friday, September 10, 2010

first post on my first blog

Ok, so I'm not very creative and I don't know the first thing about blogging. But I like ranting and hearing myself talk (or reading my own posts in this case). So I'll briefly introduce my loves

My oldest boy is the strangest 7 yr old I've ever met. But Garrett IS so creative and is SUPER funny. He's my inspiration for starting a blog! He loves his little brother. Sometimes amazes me with how he shows Kellan just how much he does. 

This is the day we brought Kellan home from the hospital.

Kellan is ALWAYS smiley and SUPER adorable and a HUGE momma's boy(not unlike Garrett). He loves his big brother. And Brobee. 

4 hrs of replaying "I love to Dance" over and over and over

Bruce is the BEST cat I've ever had. He's fat and sometimes cranky, but he's cuddly and well behaved. 

He misses hunting birds and LOVES laser pointers and bubbles

He's a cheeseball for the camera.. He's always posing.
Silly cat

Calcifer is EVIL and a spaz. But he LOVES kids and Bruce. We're currently working on litter-training and counter-jumping. 

He seems to think Kellan's Bumbo is a kitten seat.

Ahh Kearstin, my niece, she's a wierdo. A pain in the neck. But I love her. 

1,2 1,2 1,2

She's a sweet girl (or can be lol)

So photogenic.. I enjoy taking pictures of her

Hayden, my nephew,  is SUPER entertaining! "No like it" camels and scary birds(ostriches). or boogers lol 

Loves cheese, and making his sister cry and his mom crazy

LOL wouldn't eat the cupcake. Only wanted to lick the icing

Daniel is... sooo many things lol stubborn,a work-a-holik, smart, a geek, silly, a great father to Kellan and is really great to Garrett.

He has HORRIBLE taste in music and movies. Reads fantasy/sci fi novels. And puts ketchup (EWWW) on almost everything

We bicker.. a lot.. about everything. And we don't have much in common

But he takes care of us. And I love him for everything he is.. and isn't

AHAHA and yes.. this is brief

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