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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moving day is coming!!!!!

Dan and I have been looking for a place together for a long time now, but I'm picky and he's cheap. But we have finally COMPROMISED and found a place we both thoroughly enjoy. And I finally have the option of decorating MY way!! One room at a time, and we are on a slight budget, but I can work with that. So we took a trip to IKEA, where we ended up picking out our living room, which is our first priority. 
It looks pink in this picture, but it is most definitely red!
We chose black/brown and red for colors, because our living room has good natural light. 

This couch is sooo comfy!! On the website it is actually $300 more expensive, whereas it was $799.99 in store. We are making due with the couch we have for a bit, but this sectional WILL be mine!!

Our entertainment center is already in the new place! We set it up yesterday when we got our keys. 

This was the only thing we actually purchased this time! But I LOVE the entire EXPEDIT line.

We obviously do not want too many dark pieces crowding so we decided to add, in the future, only a couple more pieces from EXPEDIT.

We are choosing a square coffee table, which could prove disasterous with kids, but we will see.  

The desk may or may not go in the living room, we will have to see when we move in.

Also, I wanted the taller book shelf, but we may have to downsize. It`s hard to tell how much space we are actually going to have after moving in a sectional and Kellan's jumperoo and toys.

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